• 28.04.2020

Features of receiving the unemployed status during the state of emergency in Moldova

The coronavirus pandemic made adjustments not only to the life of every resident of the Republic of Moldova, but also to the whole situation in the country. The massive return of citizens to their homeland led to the adoption of a number of measures by the state, which aim is support of the population. Among them, special conditions for granting unemployment status and the possibility of receiving unemployment benefits in the amount of 2,775 lei can be noted. Our colleague, journalist Alla Buk and the director of the Territorial Employment Unit of Gagauzia Natalia Miron specifically discussed this issue exclusively for proeuropa.md.

Who is eligible for unemployment status?

According to the legislation, an unemployed person is a person who is looking for work and meets the following conditions:

- A person is over 16 years old, but has not yet reached retirement age. People entitled to a survivor's pension and disability pension are recommended to work on an individual rehabilitation and social integration program;

- A person is capable to work.

- At the moment, the person is not employed/does not have work:

You can obtain unemployment status if the individual labor contract has been terminated and not suspended (due to technical downtime, illness or injury, leave at your own expense, maternity leave, etc.). But what reason served as the termination of the employment contract (resignation or dismissal, he left or you were fired), to obtain unemployment status - it does not matter;

- A person does not study full-time. If you are currently studying, temporarily, online, but in fact you are a full-time student or student, you cannot register as unemployed;

- A person is actively looking for work both independently, by his own efforts, and through the territorial office for the employment of citizens, and is ready to immediately start work as soon as there is a suitable vacancy;

- A person is registered as unemployed in the territorial office of the Citizens Employment Agency.

What needs to be done to get unemployed status?

People will have to register with the territorial office of the Citizens Employment Agency, which corresponds to their address of residence or registration, in order to receive unemployment status, in accordance with the current legislation on supporting the unemployed.

Since the emergency mode is currently operating in the country, applications for unemployment status and unemployment benefits can be sent online.

The application is sent to the address of the bureau that corresponds to your place of residence or registration. You can find contacts and addresses at anofm.md.

What kind of documents you should have?

A person must attach copies of the following documents to an electronic application that can be sent by e-mail:

1. Passport

2. Diploma or certificate

3. Extract from the dismissal order

4. Application for registration

5. Declaration of personal responsibility

6. To receive unemployment benefits during a state of emergency, you must fill out an application for determining the right to benefits.

You can find patterns here.

Documents must be scanned or photographed and sent to the email address: dofm_utag@mail.ru

For more information, you can call the territorial unit of the National Employment Agency of Gagauzia at numbers 0298 24541, 0298 23744, from Monday to Friday.

What are the features of obtaining unemployment status due to the state of emergency in the country?

Those who returned from abroad and those who were left without work due to an emergency situation in the country can apply for unemployment benefits in the amount of 2,775 lei. The only difference is that persons who have lost their jobs as a result of emergency situations, when registering as unemployed in the territorial unit of employment and applying for unemployment benefits, are not required to individually insure themselves in the compulsory health insurance system. But citizens who do not confirm the 12-month period of contributions over the past 24 months, including those who returned from outside the Republic of Moldova, before registering as unemployed and applying for benefits, must individually insure themselves in the compulsory medical insurance system insurance by paying a mandatory health insurance contribution in a fixed amount.

Does the size of benefits change for those who already have unemployed status?

Unemployed persons, who already receive unemployment benefits, in the amount of less than 2,775 lei should automatically receive compensation for the difference in the size of benefits, without the need to submit an additional application.

Reference: It is worth noting that in accordance with preliminary calculations, at this stage the cost of this measure is estimated at 264 million lei.

A state of emergency was introduced in Moldova from March 17 to May 15.